Let’s Demonstrate the Gospel in East Africa.

In 2024, we aim to launch the James Harrison Life Center in Namanga, Kenya.

Open Eyes began when James Harrison (the son of Frank Harrison) served in Africa and witnessed the profound need for life-saving relief. James planned to settle in Kenya but died in 2010 as he served there. The James Harrison Life Center will be established in Namanga in his memory and will be managed by local leaders.​

The primary healthcare needs in Namanga are: family medicine, pre- and post-natal care, nutrition, drug rehabilitation, and psychiatry.

What is a Life Center?

A Life Center is a dynamic community hub that provides comprehensive healthcare and economic empowerment opportunities to communities in need.

Here are some photos and stories from our existing Life Centers in the Middle East.

Our Life Center in Lebanon provides medical and dental care to the Syrian refugee population who still live primarily in tents. This photo is of a mother and her baby coming in for post-natal care.

Rana attends the nursing program at the Lebanon Life Center in the Bekaa, where we partner with Izdihar Isaac and Together for the Family. Rana is a Syrian refugee who, along with her nine siblings, fled the war through the mountains on foot. Now, through the training program, she is a nursing graduate and strong in her Christian faith.

Mariah is a 7-year-old Muslim Syrian girl. Her family is uneducated and poor. She has dwarfism and suffers from malnutrition and bullying at school. Our clinic prescribed a group of vitamins suitable for the condition, especially vitamin D. The mother told us, “Thank you for the love that my daughter found here. We lost her smile for a long time ago, but now she started talking about you and your embrace, and the story about the child Jesus. Every day Mariah asks me, When will we go to the clinic?”

Here’s where your support goes:


We are building a Life Center on the lot beside the Namanga Baptist Church—the Life Center will provide its life-saving care in conjunction with the local church.

Medical Clinic

The medical clinic will provide jobs in the local economy and provide both speciality and primary care for patients. Through the Life Center, we will not only address the pressing needs of the community but also earn the privilege to share the Gospel..

Job Skills Training 

The job skills component will include classes in sewing, computer skills, and English.

Entrepreneurship Training

The Life Center will train attendees in economic development and entrepreneurship.

Project Update:

We just broke ground on the James Harrison Life Center