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Jan Harrison
Jan Harrison

Jan Harrison is passionate about the power of God’s word to transform lives. For almost forty years she has studied, taught, and practiced applying God’s truth to every area of her life. Her ability to communicate is described as authentic and compelling as she challenges and encourages her audience to grow and mature in personal faith. Jan is the author of two books, Life After the Storm, and A Woman Who Knows God by Name.

She speaks and writes from the personal experiences of being a wife for 43 years, a mother of four children, the loss of their only son, a grandmother, mentor, women’s ministry leader, active member in her local church, and participant in the global ministry, Open Eyes, founded by her late son, James. She and her husband Frank live in Charlotte, NC.

Denny Mathews - Open Eyes
Denny Mathews

Denny Mathews was born and raised in India in the crucible of missions where he learned first-hand lessons of faith and trust in the Lord, as he saw his pioneer parents live out their calling amidst great suffering and persecution. He moved to New York City in 1989 and graduated with honors from the City University of New York. Denny spent the next 22 years as a professional in the Financial Services sector. He serves as a teaching pastor at Steele Creek Church of Charlotte, and is currently the board treasurer of the Harold C. Smith Foundation, a director on the board of Missio Nexus and Alpha Ministries. Denny is passionate about engaging with people and elevating them by helping them identify and operate in their areas of strength. He is intentional about infusing joy in every area of engagement. In his spare time, he loves to hang out and travel with his family.

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