We are thrilled to share with you an exciting milestone in our mission’s journey. We recently traveled to Namanga, Kenya to break ground on the first ever James Harrison Life Center. The center is more than a building; it’s a tribute to the life and legacy of James Harrison.

Open Eyes began when James Harrison (the son of our Chairman Frank Harrison) served in Africa and witnessed the profound need for life-saving relief. James planned to settle in Kenya but died in 2010 while serving the community he loved. Pastor Simon, James’s mentor and now a board member of Open Eyes, is leading our ministry in Kenya and Tanzania.

Namanga is a town located on the border of Tanzania. There is a great need in this rural part of Kenya for medical services—we saw this firsthand during our recent medical mission trip here. A total of 1,225 patients were served on that trip. However, that is only a fraction of what the James Harrison Life Center will be able to do for this community. Through the Life Center, we will not only address the pressing needs of the community but also earn the privilege to share the Gospel. This is truly following the example of our wonderful Savior and Lord.

The groundbreaking day was momentous. We held a commemoration service in Namanga, where I was honored to preach. Frank Harrison also shared a heartwarming message of encouragement. We prayed for the construction crew, and we officially broke ground on the new Life Center. It was an impactful day, and the hope of the community was palpable.

We are excited to see how the center, with your continued support, will transform lives in this community.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

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