This week, our COO Alex Lim was in Nepal meeting with our national leaders, Santosh and Deepak!

There is no substitute for face-to-face communication and to live and breathe the air of Nepal, even just for a week, helped me to glimpse the life of a Mobile Messenger half-way around the world. There was time to go door to door and pray for church members as they battled cancer, financial difficulties, and struggled to cope with youth that migrated to cities. Seeing the impact of our messengers, supported by our donors, provides much-needed encouragement to our staff to pray, work harder, and to get even more funding to the front lines.” — Alex Lim

The main purpose of this trip was to deepen our relationship with our two national leaders, Deepak and Santosh, since Open Eyes launched in Nepal in January 2022. This was also an opportunity to enhance operational capacity by working with administrative staff on impact reporting, financial planning, and accounting.

The stories are numerous. The little girl in the above photo is Susma, who was born with an abnormality, causing her to cry day and night. Pastor Deepak and church members would often visit and pray for Susma and her family, and it was the only time that she would stop crying. Over the years, the family all became believers and were baptized, witnessing the power of prayer and compassion of the church!

Accelerating the Gospel in Nepal

The church is growing mightily in the Himalayas, but there are still daily challenges: economic persecution and climate disasters, to name a few. Our leaders have a compelling vision to reach Nepal, and our Mobile Messengers are faithfully perseverant, bringing the Gospel to their communities.

True ministry work is slow and relational but strong and lasting.

Will you join us in praying today for the church in Nepal and for our Mobile Messengers?


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