The Country of Nepal

With a population of 29,852,682, Nepalʼs economy is largely agricultural, and it is one of the least industrialized countries in the world. It is ranked the 30th poorest country in the world, with over 50% of the population living in poverty.

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Religious Diversity

Hinduism: 81% | Buddhism: 9% | Islam: 4% | Christianity: 3% | Other: 3%
Over 93% of the population of Nepal is considered “unreached” by the Gospel.



Non-Hindus cannot proselytize without the risk of fines, imprisonment and expulsion for nonresidents. Hindu fundamentalists have been known to single out Christians because of their non-violent nature and connection to the West, making them targets for intimidation and violence.

The Background

The church growth in Nepal in recent years has been explosive:

  • 1951: no known Christians or presence of Christianity
  • 1961: 458 known Christians
  • Today: Nepal is the 12th fastest-growing Christian population in the world with 1,285,200 believers.

Unfortunately, there are few trained leaders. Church leaders are often not equipped with the tools that will help them take the Gospel of transformation to the farthest reaches of the country. Open Eyes aims to meet these needs and accelerate the Gospel in Nepal.

We want to go where the Holy Spirit is moving

Nepal is seeing explosive church growth. We will humbly come along Nepali leaders and catalyze evangelism, church planting, discipleship and community transformation.

Equip. Plant. Develop.

By providing motorcycles and training Mobile Messengers™, we will take the Gospel message to remote areas and share Christ with the unreached people groups of Nepal.

By providing cell phones, we will enable Mobile Messengers™ to receive enhanced biblical training and track ministry impact.

By developing sustainable businesses, we will position our leaders on the forefront of transforming lives and communities as they demonstrate the proclaim the Gospel.

Partnership Opportunity

Commit To Pray

  • Pray for the persecuted church to remain strong.
  • Pray for God to continue raising up people to take the Gospel to the unreached in Nepal.

Partner With Us Financially

  • The estimated project investment in Nepal is $500k.
  • Every gift brings us closer to being able to plant churches, equip Mobile Messengers™, train leaders, and develop sustainable businesses.

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Our Leader In Nepal

Faithfulness + Training = Breakthrough

Santosh Lamsal is a young Nepali church planter who came to Christ from a Hindu background. His love for Jesus inspired him to share the Gospel message with the Nepali people and look for ways to live out the Great Commission. That zeal also led him to enroll in Bible college in India to study the scriptures and increase his effectiveness as a witness for Christ.

However, the evangelism methods that Santosh learned in Bible college were not effective in engaging his villagers with the Gospel message. Not only was the Gospel message not well-received, but the people were hostile to Santosh, wanting him to go away and stop speaking about Jesus. They even threatened his life.

Santosh was able to attend an evangelism training seminar where he was taught how to relay the Gospel message orally through a collection of over 30 biblical stories. This training changed everything! The Nepali villagers liked to hear these stories, so Santosh was able to share about Christ through these stories.

When a devastating earthquake hit Nepal and the villagers saw how Santosh came to their aid in selfless acts of love and compassion, they were able to connect the stories with the love of Christ.

Today, Santosh is a prolific church planter and is training and equipping leaders with the vision of transforming Nepal with the Gospel. The Godordained vision is audacious – a transformational church in each village in Nepal. One manʼs love for Christ and his people has started a wave, and Open Eyes is honored to come alongside Santosh and his leadership team to impact Nepal with the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ.