I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you — Open Eyes has extended its outreach to the beautiful country of Bolivia! Our Latin America leader, Carlos Morales, and his colleague Pastor Chava made the long and arduous journey from Mexico City to three remote areas in Bolivia to launch the Mobile Messenger ministry.

Bolivia has many different cultures and traditions. Historically, people were divided into two groups: those from the East and those from the West. This division has created ongoing social conflict. Our mission has always been to share the Gospel and bring holistic transformation to communities that urgently need long-term support. We’ve taken another step in achieving this goal by equipping pastors and local leaders in the marginalized region of northeast Bolivia.

We’ve partnered with Walter Callegari, whose ministry in Bolivia is dedicated to training leaders and pastors from various denominations, overseeing ministries, church plants, and established congregations. In the Amazon region where he serves, there are limited institutions and seminaries for biblical and ministerial training. That’s why his team has organized a three-year program where teachers travel by plane to offer monthly modules. This program equips up-and-coming church leaders with valuable skills and is easily adapted for those with limited literacy.

While the evangelical population in Bolivia is around 20%, this region in the Amazon has a much lower percentage of evangelicals, making this is a particularly unreached and underserved area.

Where our Mobile Messengers serve, the roads are made of dirt and there are relentless tropical rains. Traveling by road is almost impossible without a motorcycle or plane, both of which can be cost prohibitive. All of these obstacles have contributed to a shortage of trained pastors and a lack of training centers. Open Eyes plays a pivotal role in alleviating these hardships, by providing motorcycles and support for these pastors in their daily and ministerial activities. 

We’ve already provided 15 pastors in this region with motorcycles. Some even traveled up to 12 hours by bus to receive their motorcycles from our team. It has been a blessing to equip these new Mobile Messengers who, regardless of their circumstances, continue to preach the Gospel and develop new leaders.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

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