Glory left the refugee camp with her friends to deposit her school fees in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. It is an annual trek children make to ensure they are provided with education each year. In a broken world, it is a dangerous trip for these children, but it is often the price of receiving an education. While in the city, she was kidnapped. Her captors held her for six days in an unknown location, abusing her, depriving her of water and food. She was left for dead under the Karuma bridge. The abuse left her almost blind, and fear paralyzed her speech.

Doctors tried to fix her eyesight and coax her from the fear, but nothing changed. Until someone brought Glory to Emmanuel Church, a church started by With Open Eyes, where our brothers and sisters prayed over her for four days.

During this time of prayer, Glory began to share of the abuse and the terrifying reality that she had watched the kidnappers butcher two of her friends. The heartache of a child was overwhelming, but it was no match for the love of God. Glory began to proclaim to the believers, “The Lord Jesus save me!”

The girl paralyzed by fear had found her hope in the one who is our Hope. The pastor prayed for her eyes. Then the pastor asked her to wash her eyes with hot water, and after washing, she could see again! This past Sunday, Glory stood in front of the church and testified that she had experienced the mighty hand of God to save. She had seen before her very eyes the salvation of the Lord.

The girl forever scarred by the work of evil hands, found healing in the hands of a great Savior.

Thank you for praying and giving to the work of With Open Eyes. God is using people like you to build His Church in the most challenging places so that little girls like Glory may see and know that He alone provides salvation.

*For security reasons, the photo does not reflect individuals in this story.

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