I am Aarush, a church planter.

God has placed a burden on my heart to reach out to the destitute and the broken with the message of the Gospel. We went into the villages and began to preach the Gospel. Many turned against us, but we did not give up. After listening to the Gospel, many came and asked us to pray for them. We observed a young girl standing under a tree looking at us. She came over and asked us to visit her home and pray for her father. We went to her home and found her father was intoxicated with alcohol.

He was addicted to alcohol for 10 years which led the family into terrible poverty. The family was Hindu and has been living in brokenness and spiritual darkness for many years. The father used to beat the daughter and wife badly. He did this under the influence of evil and alcohol. I shared the Gospel with him, but he was not in a condition to listen. We continued to make efforts to share the Gospel with Him, believing it would change his life. I continued to visit him regularly and share the Gospel. The Word is very powerful. It delivered the father from addiction and transformed his life. He was baptized and became a wonderful disciple of Jesus Christ. He is now taking care of his family and helping me in ministry.

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