People in Pastor Arome’s village are afraid of being ill, not because they cannot afford to go to the hospital, but because there are few transportation options for getting there.

Finding a vehicle that can carry them to the hospital could take hours, if not days. However, Arome’s motorcycle, which he received through a partnership between The Timothy Initiative and Open Eyes, has brought much relief to many villagers. They now know they can rely on him to rush their sick loved ones along the dusty roads to the nearest clinic whenever he is home.

Arome takes every opportunity to minister in this way to the distressed villagers who come to him for assistance. He tells them about Jesus, who has the power to heal and to redeem their souls. In Him, they find the promise of divine love, mercy, goodness, and eternal life after their time on earth is finished.

The motorcycle is more than just a means of transportation — it is a tool for furthering God’s Kingdom by serving others. It also makes Arome’s travel to the seven training centers he supervises simpler and quicker. During the visits, he ensures that the program is being taught properly, he assists in resolving any concerns that the training centers might be facing, and he encourages the church planters to continue serving despite their personal difficulties.

Because of Arome’s faithfulness in how he uses the motorcycle, many people have found the gift of salvation.

Accelerate the Gospel by helping to provide a motorcycle
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