We have exciting news. Open Eyes has officially launched our ministry in Lebanon!

This small country faces heavy challenges. Financial system collapse, an influx of refugees from Syria. Rampant poverty and persecution of the church.

Our team visited with ministry partners in Beirut this May, and our eyes were opened to the great needs and the powerful opportunities to impact this country for Christ. We are pleased to share that we’re opening a Life Center with our partner Izdihar in the Beqaa Valley, which borders Syria. Many refugees have settled in this area and have little to no access to basic resources like education and healthcare.

Our Life Center will provide lifesaving medical care and holistic transformation, allowing us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through this tangible ministry.

Just what is a Life Center?

Life Centers provide medical care and economic empowerment while functioning as missional hubs. We believe that by serving people in practical ways, we are showing the love of Christ—this results in openness to the Gospel in places that have previously been closed off from the faith.

Learn More about the Lebanon Life Center

At the end of June, just one month after we broke ground for the Life Center, the foundation was going down! Will you pray with us that God will use this ministry hub for His glory?

At Open Eyes, we partner with local leaders who already know the language, the culture, and the ministry context on the ground.

In Lebanon, we’re working with Resurrection Church, a vibrant and growing missional church located in eleven different locations across Lebanon. Today the church has over 5,000 members, 400 life groups, one school for refugees, two medical clinics, and one nursery. Each weekend service is broadcast live via satellite TV, radio stations, and social media platforms impacting hundreds of thousands in the Arab World.

Resurrection Church provides a holistic community service to Lebanese, Syrian and Iraqi refugees, offering medical and humanitarian aid, counseling, and learning support projects for children and teens. Resurrection Church has a strong network with churches and NGOs in Lebanon, Syria, and in a number of Arab countries. We are honored and humbled to walk alongside this church in ministry partnership.

Abrez’ Story*:

“I was an orphan since I was four. I thought God was punishing me. I tried to commit suicide many times. We were living in a very hard situation—now I have a real father in heaven. He is the one who provides, who takes care of us.”

We were there at Resurrection Church when Abrez was baptized into the faith.

*Name Changed for security reasons

Thank you for your prayers and support!

To God be the glory in all things.

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