Komi braved pouring rain, blazing sun, blustery weather, and cold nights to visit believers and encourage them in their faith.

The villages he visited were sometimes so remote and the road network so dilapidated that he’d have to crawl on all fours through tight passes. When it was hot and dry, he inhaled dust, and when it was cold and rainy, he shivered and sank in the mud. Komi never knew what to expect of the weather and would often get to his destination tired and in desperate need of a bath and a change of clothes. Still, he never wavered in his commitment to the work of encouraging local ministry workers and inspecting projects in the field.

When he received a motorcycle through the generosity of Open Eyes donors, he knew he could do so much more for God’s Kingdom. Now, Komi’s new black motorcycle is often spotted cruising through the terrain he formerly struggled to cross on foot. Yawa, a second-generation church planter, is one of those who have benefited from Komi’s improved mobility. She is a widow devoted to evangelism and often uses an audio Bible in sharing the Gospel. However, she is paraplegic and can’t move around as much she would like. So she usually missed evangelistic activities such as screenings of the Jesus Film. Now, whenever Komi visits her village, he picks her up, and they travel together to the venue to show the Jesus Film.

Thanks to the motorcycle, she can witness people giving their lives to Christ and still get back home at a safe hour.

Accelerate the Gospel by helping to provide a motorcycle
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