I am requesting your prayers for Resurrection Church, one of our partners in Lebanon—for their safety and the strength of their church community during these trying times.

Over the past week, locals have attacked and intimidated refugees across Beirut. Refugees walking on the street have been grabbed, beaten, and even carried off by angry gangs. Homes have been broken into, and families commanded to return to their home country—the very place they originally fled because of violence.

As you can imagine, our brothers and sisters are overwhelmed and scared. Resurrection Church had to close three campuses last Sunday because worshipers would be put in danger if they left their homes.

Through this crisis, Resurrection Church continues to provide support and a sense of stability for their congregation, all while keeping a watchful eye on the ongoing developments. They are giving food packages and providing medical care among all nationalities while sharing the Gospel.

Please join us in lifting them up in prayer during this challenging time.

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