I want to share a remarkable story of faith and transformation from one of our Nepali leaders, Deepak. About 15 years ago, a lone Christian family of ten resided in a secluded Nepali village. They were the only believers in their village, and the church was a significant distance away. Despite their devotion, the onslaught of persecution from their community led them astray, back to old traditions of idol worship and temple visits.

Years passed, and their son’s life took a dark turn. He struggled with addiction to alcohol and drugs, which was hard on him, his wife, and son. It was during this dark period that Deepak’s ministry team entered their lives. Braving a two-hour journey every week, they shared the Word of God, sang hymns, and provided necessary support, slowly rekindling the lost faith within this family.

As a result, the family made a decision to rededicate their lives to the Lord. They held onto the hope that their son could find redemption too. He began attending church, abstaining from alcohol, and immersing himself in the fellowship of believers. During one service, Deepak’s team laid hands on him and prayed for transformation. Just one week later, he, along with his wife, embraced Christ anew. The entire family started attending Deepak’s church faithfully every week, despite the hazardous ten mile journey.

Deepak is fervently praying to establish a new church in their village, Balthali.

Please continue to pray for our leaders in Nepal and consider sponsoring a Mobile Messenger, like Deepak, who can spread the love and hope of Jesus to their communities.

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