Simion’s motorcycle, received from Open Eyes, has proven to be extremely useful in the field ministry.

It advances his mission of visiting newly planted churches, training centers, and new locations to evangelize, which has become much easier for him.

Additionally, the motorcycle facilitates the distribution of study materials, such as books, to each training center.

They arrive on time because he uses his motorcycle to transport them quickly and efficiently.

Another advantage of the motorcycle is that it allows Simion to visit the training centers in his region more often. Simion and the leaders at the training centers can visit neighboring villages together, spreading the Good News through the Jesus Film.

The best thing about the motorbike is that it allows him to go places that other vehicles cannot. Simion has been able to reach villages in North Turkana and Nangomo, Kenya, with the Gospel and plant new churches with many fellow workers in those areas. The motorcycle undoubtedly played an important role in spreading the Gospel and building the Kingdom of God in Turkana, Kenya.

Accelerate the Gospel by helping to provide a motorcycle
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