Our partner in Ukraine has put out a big request.

Taras aims to print and distribute 10,000 Bibles and 12,500 New Testaments to refugees and internally displaced people.

His description of this need is so powerful: the refugee hubs we’re supporting do not require anyone to take a Bible. But they’re always available. We are feeding and nourishing the body while caring for the soul.

And we need more Bibles.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

10,000 Bibles — $43,000
12,500 New Testaments — $17,000
Distribution — $15,000
Humanitarian aid — $10,000

Total: $85,000

A generous sponsor has greed to match the first $40,000, which means that your support is doubled right now!

We know this project is a big goal, but we serve a big God. And at Open Eyes, we are passionate about bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people who desperately need hope.

Give to the Ukraine Bible Fund

Taras also sent us this video of a recent Bible distribution. This young woman named Natalie is literally moved to tears by the gift of a Bible.

Watch a recent Bible distribution in Ukraine

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