Hezron appreciates the motorcycle he received from Open Eyes because it helps him to visit places where other vehicles cannot go.

The motorcycle is fast. It also saves money because it’s less costly than using public transportation. He can visit far-flung villages thanks to the motorcycle. In one of these distant villages he met Kondo.

Kondo was born and raised in a Muslim household. She married Mohammed, a Muslim man, after completing her primary education. After the birth of their second child, Kondo noticed a difference in her husband’s behavior. He started to avoid eating and sleeping at home. They constantly quarreled because of his unexplained absences, and their peaceful home turned chaotic. Soon after, he abruptly declared that he wanted a divorce. He had already arranged the necessary paperwork.

Kondo was shocked. When she questioned Mohammed about it, all he said was that he was moving to South Africa with no intention of returning. His decision was justified, he argued, because he was actually freeing her. Devastated and desperate, Kondo unsuccessfully attempted to persuade her husband to stay.

She eventually accepted the divorce, but she couldn’t help wondering what life would be like for her and her children without him. Mohammed was the sole breadwinner. After he left, she turned to prostitution in her desperation to support her children. Because of the nature of her work, she was forced to live apart from her children.

Unfortunately, one of her clients infected her with HIV. Her mental health deteriorated as she was consumed with doubts and the fear of death. Her family shunned her. It was in this state of helplessness that Hezron found Kondo. He comforted her with God’s words from Psalm 103:12, assuring her of God’s great plans for her life. Kondo was amazed when she heard that Scripture, and she gave her heart to Christ right away. Kondo also decided to go to church for the first time to learn more about God’s Word. Now she intends to use her testimony to inspire and persuade others to follow Jesus.

It is truly a blessing that Hezron can reach and impact the lives of many people like Kondo with the Gospel thanks to his motorcycle from Open Eyes.

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