You may know the story of how Open Eyes began. I was blessed to be there early on with James Harrison as God began a work in his heart that developed into a deep, rooted calling.

The idea was so small in the beginning. Most things start out with small beginnings. In South Sudan, James’ life was touched by what he saw and experienced. I remember going to the refugee camps with James. We would be scheduled to meet with local pastors. The pastors were very late to arrive, and James would find them walking to the church. One pastor had to walk 2 days to get to us. Inquisitively, James asked the question, “Why?” The pastor would show up late and exhausted. When James witnessed this and realized the needs, his heart was moved with compassion to do something about it.

The idea was small and simple in the beginning. James simply said ‘yes’ to what God was doing in his heart. James began to take the steps necessary to help equip these pastors in the refugee camps with means of transportation. At the beginning, they would just meet together in the refugee camp under a tent. God began to bless what was happening and the church where they met grew. At the same time, the need to reach more people with the Gospel was evident. Where there was just a tent in the beginning, there now stands a church that has expanded 3 times over! There is also a school. Where there was one pastor being equipped to spread the Gospel, now there are many mobile messengers all throughout the Refugee Camps, South Sudan, and beyond. Lives are being impacted and changed for the sake of the Gospel. People who never came together because of the war and disunity, are now dancing and worshipping together. I have witnessed the beauty of a small idea being birthed into something more than we can imagine. Unity, peace, & growth exist. We are seeing miracles and God’s Kingdom expanded.

Today, we see what started with a simple yes in a heart that was moved with compassion to action, has now grown into a God-sized, miracle in the making.

The unreached are hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time far beyond the borders of the Refugee Camps in northern Uganda. We praise God for all that He has done!

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