Almasi cannot deny how important the motorcycle has been in reaching out to his community with the Gospel.

He is no longer limited to the few places that his feet will carry him. Instead, he can visit as many villages in a single day as he could in an entire week previously, because of his newfound mobility.

During one of his recent visits, Almasi met Samson, a new believer who was addicted to alcohol. On the day of the visit, Samson was recovering from a severe headache after the previous day’s binge drinking. Despite this, he agreed to meet with Almasi, who shared the Gospel with him using an audio Bible.

As they listened together, Almasi explained the Good News of salvation. The Bible’s truths tugged at Samson’s heartstrings, and he told Almasi that he wanted to repent, confess his sins, and give his life to Jesus Christ. Almasi prayed with him, and Samson gave his heart to the Lord. Samson changed his ways and quit drinking after making the bold decision to pursue Christ. As a result of his decision, he lost a lot of friends, but that did not deter him. He felt calm and at peace. He joined Almasi’s church, where he continues to grow spiritually through fellowship with other believers.

Accelerate the Gospel by helping to provide a motorcycle
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